Terms of Use (Website Policy)

Thank you for visiting Research Institutes Network website (hereinafter referred to as the "website"). This website is provided to help the visitor understand Research Institutes Network (hereinafter referred to as the "RIN") and its activities. The following usage policy details the terms and conditions set forth to users of the website. By accessing this website you agree to the following policy in its entirety.

I. Intellectual Property Rights

1. Copyright
The intellectual property rights (copyright, trademark and other rights) to all contents (text, data, images, sounds, information and other resources) that may be obtained from the server which hosts this website unless specifically stated otherwise belong to RIN and are protected by intellectual property laws.
2. Quoting
The contents of this website may be reproduced, downloaded or printed only for personal use or for purposes of education and research and are not to be altered in any way. When quoting the contents of this website, the following conditions must be observed:

1 ) There is a necessity for quoting of the content's range
2 ) The portion quoted must be easily identified as such
3 ) The source must be cited
When making the citation, please use a format similar to the following:
Copyright RIN (https://d-arch.ide.go.jp/rin)
4 ) Some contents of this website contain photographs and videos of individuals. When excerpting such contents you must obtain the permission of the concerned individual in order to protect his or her rights. If you have questions about how to obtain the individual's permission, please contact RIN Secretariat.
TEL: +66-2253-6441, E-mail: rin_secretariat@ide.go.jp

II. Disclaimer

1. Website accuracy and relevance
RIN will make every effort to ensure that the contents provided on this website are accurate and up to date, but no guarantees are made to that effect. RIN accepts no liability whatsoever for any damages incurred by the user related to use of this website.
2. Individual discourse and opinion
Some contents of this website convey the opinion of individuals and do not necessarily express the official position or opinion of the RIN. RIN accepts no liability whatsoever for such contents.
3. Changes to this website
RIN reserves the right to modify the contents or URL of pages on the website or to delete them without notice. Thank you for your understanding.

III. Links

1. Links to this Website
Please feel free to link to this website so long as you make the destination of the link obvious, and do not display the site inside frames or use other methods which do not comply with copyright laws. We do not accept links from the following types of websites:

・ Websites which contain contents that slander or harm the trust of RIN
・ Websites which contain (or could be interpreted to contain) contents that run contrary to public morals or websites of groups which are engaged in such activities
You are free to link to any of the pages or PDF files on the website, but as stated above, please be aware that RIN may modify or delete contents without notice.

2. Links provided on this website
External websites are operated by other groups or individuals, and links do not imply a partnership or special relationship between the linked site and RIN.

Ⅳ. Privacy Policy

RIN recognizes the significance of personal information and is committed to protecting the privacy of all individuals who use this website. In cases where the Institute collects information from users of this website that can be used to identify a specific individual such as name, address, e-mail, phone number or fax number, it will disclose to the user on the procedures of collection the purpose of collection, how the information will be used and the contact information for the division collecting it. Personal information collected on this website will be handled appropriately in accordance with the Protection of Personal Information Held by Incorporated Administrative Agencies Act, any related ordinances and RIN's own privacy policy.

1. Collection of Personal Information
Users of this website may be asked to provide personal information for the following:

・ Application forms for symposiums, lectures, seminars, etc.
・ Subscription forms for periodicals or other resources and information
・ Subscription to mailing lists
・ Questionnaires
・ Postings
・ Inquiries
2. Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties
Except for the following circumstances, RIN will never provide personal information collected from users to a third party:

・ When required by law to provide the information to a third party
・ When permission has been received from the individual to provide the information to a third party
・ When a third party is consigned to perform processing tasks associated with personal information that has been collected through various forms and procedures
3. Cookies and Access Logs
We use cookies on this website. We collect basic information such as IP addresses and domains by using cookies. We may use the information that we obtain from your use of our cookies only for the purpose of improving the website's usability, not for any other purpose. To analyse the use of the website, we use Google Analytics. Regarding how Google collects and processes the data, please refer to: https://policies.google.com/technologies/partner-sites

4. Security
RIN has employed various security measures such as a firewall and virus detection system to prevent unauthorized access and data encryption methods in order to ensure the integrity and security of the website. However, the system is not guaranteed to be free from security issues.