Research Institutes Network (RIN) Meeting in FY2020
26 March 2021
Annual Meeting

Research Institutes Network (RIN) Meeting in FY2020

The Research Institute Network (RIN) meeting marked the 11th year of establishment of RIN in 2020. This year, RIN meeting was held online for the first time, and all institutes participated. There were various interesting presentations and all participants actively discussed the progress of all research projects and the themes for future research, particularly on COVID-19 and development in this region.

Dates: Tuesday, 27 October 2020
Time : 12:00 – 14:10 (Jakarta time/UTC+7)

Agenda :

MC: Mr. Naoyoshi Noguchi, President, Bangkok Research Center,
Opening Remarks:
 Prof. Hidetoshi Nishimura, President, ERIA
 Dr. Hank Lim, Chairperson of RIN
Chair: Dr. Hank Lim, Chairperson of RIN
Introduction of New Representatives:
 Dr. Sthabandith INSISIENMAY, Vice President,
 National Institute for Economic Research (NIER), Lao PDR
Survey of the Impact of COVID-19 on Business Activities and
Supply Chains in East Asia and the ASEAN region:

 Dr. Keita Oikawa, Economist, ERIA
Report on ERIA’s Research Projects in FY2020:
 Prof. Fukunari Kimura, Chief Economist, ERIA

Short Report on ERIA’s call for proposal related to COVID-19:
 Dr. Dionisius A. Narjoko, Senior Economist, ERIA
Mid-term Review an ERIA-funded Project ‘Economic Integration
and Policy Priorities in a Strategic Policymaking Environment’:

 Dr. Shiro Armstrong, The Australian National University
Discussion: by all the participants
Wrap-up: Dr. Hank Lim
Closing Remarks: Prof. Hidetoshi Nishimura