2021 RIN Online Workshop Series
25 February 2022

2021 RIN Online Workshop Series
Growth Strategy for Post COVID-19

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and East Asia still face challenges in rebooting economic growth while controlling the spread of COVID-19. In addition, countries in these regions have to continuously cope with policy issues, such as deepening of regional integration, energy transition, circular economy, supply chain, and innovation of new technologies. The 2021 RIN Online Workshop Series “Growth Strategy for Post COVID-19” focused on these issues.
To expand the current knowledge and stimulate interactive discussions among researchers in the Research Institutes Network (RIN) member institutes and the Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia (ERIA), 12 speakers including young researchers from 7 institutes and ERIA shared their findings and views from their current researches at the workshops.

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Workshop I: October 28
Moderator: Chap Sotharith (CICP, Cambodia)
Speaker: Shiro Armstrong (ANU, Australia) 
Extended Abstract (PDF)
Open Multilateral Trade as a Source of Resilience Against Economic Coercion
Speaker: Chansamone Vongphaisit (NIER, Lao PDR) 
Extended Abstract (PDF)
Digital Trade Facilitation and Supply Chains in the Post COVID-19 Era: Lao PDR Perspective

Workshop II: November 5
Moderator: Wisarn Pupphavesa (TDRI, Thailand)
Speaker: Kirida Bhaopichitr (TDRI, Thailand) 
Extended Abstract (PDF)
Resuming Growth in ASEAN Post-COVID: Opportunities and Challenges
Speaker: Kannika Thampanishvong (TDRI, Thailand) 
Extended Abstract (PDF)
A New Paradigm for Green Growth

Workshop III: November 11
Moderator: Aniceto C. Orbeta Jr. (PIDS, Philippines)
Speaker: Nur Sofea Hasmira Azahar (ISIS, Malaysia) 
Extended Abstract (PDF)
Preparing the Future Workforce for Post-Pandemic Recovery: Building Technical Vocational Education and Training Capabilities in Malaysia
Speaker: Hlaing Hlaing Moe (YUE, Myanmar) 
Extended Abstract (PDF)
Health Insurance Ownership: Evidence from Myanmar Women

Workshop IV: November 15
Moderator: Dr. Prabir De (RIS, India)
Speaker: Rashesh Shrestha (ERIA) 
Extended Abstract (PDF)
Impact of ASEAN Trade in Goods Agreement (ATIGA) on Intra-ASEAN Trade
Speaker: Nguyen Anh Duong (CIEM, Vietnam) 
Extended Abstract (PDF)
Viet Nam’s Economic Recovery Plan: Some Perspectives

Workshop V: November 26
Moderator: Alizan Mahadi (ISIS, Malaysia)
Speaker: Dian Lutfiana (ERIA) 
Extended Abstract (PDF)
Low Carbon Energy Transition and Technology Pathways for Climate Stabilisation
Speaker: Venkatachalam Anbumozhi (ERIA) 
Extended Abstract (PDF)
Transformative Strategies and Financing Policies for a Circular Net Zero Economy

Workshop VI: November 29
Moderator: Adoracion M. Navarro (PIDS, Philippines)
Speaker: Koichiro Kimura (IDE-JETRO, Japan) 
Extended Abstract (PDF)
Competition and Technological Similarity: The Case of a Chinese Robotics Firm
Speaker: Yasushi Ueki (IDE-JETRO, Japan) 
Extended Abstract (PDF)
Unlocking the Potential of Lao Handicraft “Sozai” through Inter-Sectoral Collaborations