The IDE Library is pleased to announce the release of the Digital Archive, Passing on "The Japanese Experience": Technology Transfer, Transformation, and Development. This archive is made up of electronic versions of publications resulting from the research activities of the Project entitled "Technology Transfer, Transformation, and Development: The Japanese Experience" which was an initiative of the Institute of Developing Economies , on behalf of the United Nations University as a part of their Human and Social Development Programme. The project has not previously received wide recognition due to the fact that, with the exception of a small number of commercially published books, the majority of publications had limited distribution. It is hoped that through the free release of our digital archive, the accumulated data of this research will reach a wider audience both inside Japan and internationally. The release of the digitalized version was made possible with the permission of the United Nations University, which holds the copyright for these publications. In addition, The IDE wishes to express sincere gratitude to former staff member Ms. Akiko Akemine who worked on the original project, and cooperated in making this new digital archive.

Overview of the Project

The United Nations University Project on Technology Transfer, Transformation, and Development: The Japanese Experience was carried out from 1978 to 1982. Its objective was to contribute to an understanding of the process of technological development in Japan as a case study. The project inquired into the infrastructure of technology, human resources development, and social and economic conditions and analyzed the problems of technology transfer, transformation, and development of modern Japan. The research was undertaken by more than 120 Japanese specialists and covered a wide range of subjects, including iron and steel production, transportation, textiles, mining, financial institutions, rural and urban society, small industry, the female labour force, education, and technology policy. Introductory notes attached to the front page of every study group in this website provides a few topics picked from the contents of a given study group.

The released outcome of the project

The outcome of the project was published in 17 books (10 in Japanese, 7 in English), 128 working papers (86 in Japanese, 42 in English), as well as other forms of publication. The contents of these publications are provided on this website* All papers are categorized by project and listed on the front page of each study group. Users can read and print documents in either HTML or PDF format. The views expressed in the books, working papers, and other publications provided on this website, including introductory notes attached to the front page of study groups, are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of the United Nations University, the Institute of Developing Economies, or the Japan External Trade Organization.

* Please note that among the listed works of the Final Report there were a number of unpublished manuscripts. Unfortunately these papers were not available for digitalization, and could not be included in this archive.