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  1. 1.【Browse by Subject】
  2.  The outcome of “The Japanese Experience” project was published in 17 books and 128 working papers by various study groups. For user convenience, the contents of these publications are categorized into 19 subject areas on this website with introductory notes attached to the front page of each subject.

     【Browse by subject】Contents of publications can be browsed by subject.
     The functions of this page are the following:

        1) Select and Click the subject listed on the cover page and on the right hand menu of each page.
        2) Introductory notes of the subject can be viewed.
        3) Click “Publication list of this Subject” and a list of articles will be displayed.
        4) The following contents are displayed in the lists:
          a. Articles compiled in books(in chapters or sections)
          b. Other contents in books (the table of contents, preface, index etc.)
          c. Working papers
        5)  Click the title of an article/working paper, and a full-text (HTML version) of the document can be viewed.
        6) Click”Main Text (PDF version)”and the full text can be viewed in PDF format.
        ※7) For Printing, it is recommended that you use the PDF versions of documents, as they contain all graphical data, charts, maps, etc. in their original forms. In addition, some browsers have technical difficulties when printing the html versions.
  3. 2.Browse by author
  4.  Authors are listed in alphabetical order on both the Japanese and English pages. This list links directly to the text of their articles/working papers.

  5. 3.Final Report
  6.  A final summarized report from each study group was submitted to the United Nations at the end of each project. From the table of contents, you can access the full-text of these documents. In addition, from the text, you can access the 【Browse by subject】 page.

  7. 4.Related Publications
  8.  A Bibliography of published works on the socio-economic development of Japan can be viewed.

     In addition, reports published as output of the “UNU-Human and Social Development Programme” are listed. (Bibliographic information only)
    The main reports can be viewed in full-text on the UNU-Human and Social Development Programmepage.

  9. 5.UNU-Human and Social Development Programme
  10.  The outline of the UNU-Human and Social Development Programme can be viewed, as well as its output, in the form of programme reports, project reports and monographs.  Main reports can be viewed full-text (in the PDF version).

     ※For the present, some characters can not be viewed in the HTML version for technical difficulties. In that case, please browse the PDF version.

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  2.  You can search all the records by keywords.

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  2. You can search by keywords, area/country, subject, author, date issued or combination of these. For more information refer to HELP.