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Articles in "The Developing Economies"

The outcome of project was published in "The Developing Economies"which is the official and refereed journal of IDE.

1.The Developing Economies Vol.17 No.4 1979

【Special issue : technology transfer and adaptation : the Japanse experience】

Title of Articles Author Page
Introduction Hayashi, Takeshi 373-397
The cotton industry Izumi, Takeo 398-420
Rural relocation of the shell button industry Takeuchi,Johzen 421-443
The iron and steel industry Iida, Ken'ichi 444-460
Coal mining Murakushi, Nisaburo 461-483
Metal mining and foreign employees Yoshiki, Fumio 484-505
Followers' strategy for technological development Sen, Asim 506-528
2.The Developing Economies Vol.20 No.2 1982
Title of Articles Author Page
Technological and managerial development of Japanese mining : the case of the Ashio copper mine Hosino, Yoshiro 220-239


A Selected Bibliography on socio-economic development of Japan : circa 1600-1940
(Japanese Experience of the UNU Human and Social Development Programme series 26)

To carry out fully the Japanese Experience project the compilation of a bibliography listing existing studies on the topics covered was considered to be indispensable. The compilation was undertaken by Hirokazu Tada, associate co-ordinator of the project. This bibliography lists books, articles in collective volumes, doctoral dissertations, and articles in selected journals that have appeared in English during the period from 1945 to 1979 on the socio-economic development of Japan from approximately 1600 to 1940.

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    Journal: アリーナ
    Pub .Year (Vol.): 2004 (1)
    Publisher: 中部大学国際人間学研究所
    Notes: In Japanese
  • Feature: Entrepreneurship - the Japanese experience (1) - (10)
    Journal: Entrepreneurship - the Japanese Experience
    Pub .Year (No.): 1982 - 1985 (1) - (10)
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    Notes: The issues contain some articles of "Japanese Experience Project".

UNU Human and Sosial Development Programme Reports

1.Human ans Social Development Programme Conference proceedings
Title Author
Intellectual Creativity in Endogenous Culture : Asian Regional Symposium, Kyoto, Japan, November 1978 Abdel-Malek, Anouar ed. / Pandeya, Amar Nath ed.
Science and Technology in the Transformation of the World : First International Seminar on the Transformation of the World, Belgrade, Yugoslavia, October 1979 Abdel-Malek, Anouar ed. / Blue, Gregory ed. / Pecujlic, Miroslav ed.
Science and technology in the transformation of the world Pecujlic, Miroslav ed. / Blue, Gregory ed. / Abdel-Malek, Anouar ed.
La transformacion del mundo : ciencia y tecnologia Pecujlic, Miroslav ed. / Blue, Gregory ed. / Abdel-Malek, Anouar ed.
2.Project on Goals, Process and Indicators of Development of the UNU Human and Social Development Programme Series
Title Author
On the decline and fall of empires : the Roman Empire and Western imperialism compared Galtung, Johan / Heiestad, Tore / Ruge, Eric
Basic human needs : methodology and mobilization Healey, Partick
Global militarization and its remedy Seki, Hiroharu
Global social democracy and the new international economic order Monsour, Fawzy
Notes for an epistemology of holism Nudler, Oscar
Scientific revolution and inter-paradigmatic dialogues Mushakoji, Kinhide
Aspects of the Iranian revolution Farvar, M. Taghi
Preliminaries on a comparative analysis of the various viewpoints on the quality of life Botez, Mihai C. / Sisesti, Ileana Ionescu / Sandi, Ana Maria / Vasilescu, Adrian
The organizational context of development : illuminating paths for wider participation Alger, Chadwick F.
The quaternary sector Friedman, Yona
The nature and future of development in New Zealand Pitt, David C.
An issues paper : contributed by the Food Study Group of the GPID Project George, Susan
Alternative ways of life in contemporary Europe Sicinski, Andrzej ed. / Wemegah, Monica ed.
About critical groupsize Friedman, Yona
Needs : their perception and expression : the Sri Lanka experience Wijemanne, E. L. / Wanigasekera, Earl
Representation, comprehension and communication of sets : the role of number Judge, Anthony J. N.
Economic indicators and the GPID : an attempt to bring economics back into the church without losing the faith Valaskakis, Kimon / Martin, Iris
Approaching the peculiarity of the Caribbean plight within the paradox of the representative state in the contemporary world-system Addo, Herb
The African personality Khoapa, Bennie
Negative and positive sides of Norwegian life style : an empirical assessment of overdevelopment Poleszynski, Dag
Attitudes of the Dutch population on alternative life styles and environmental deterioration Ester, Peter
Dominant and alternative life styles in Poland : an outline Sicinski, Andrzej
Dominant ways of life in Denmark : alternative ways of life in Denmark Lemberg, Kai / Lovetand, Per / Juhler, Steen / Falkentorp, Jens / Klovedal, Mogens / Hansen, Dino Raymond
Working towards meaningful dialogues : the Malaysian experience Lim, Teck Ghee / Ng, Sock Nye
Austria in the year 1979 : how Austria weathered the economic storm of the seventies Scheer, Lore / Prager, Fred
Ways of life in Finland : a preliminary discussion Roos, Barbara / Roos, Jeja-Pekka
Reflexions sur la theorie de l'imperialisme : et revolution ou decadence? : la crise du systeme imperialiste contemporain et celle de l'empire Romain Amin, Samir
On social indicators and development Mills, Cadman Atta
Traditional rural institutions and their implications for development planning : studies from hamadan province of Iran Haeri, M. Hossein / Farvar, M. Taghi
Economic development and the village in Iran : prospects for an alternative approach Haeri, M. Hossein
The current development of the world economy Frobel, Folker
Perspectives for development through industrialization in the 1980s : an independent viewpoint on dependency Kreye, Otto
Focus problems latent in the construction and use of social-economic indicators Zemelman, Hugo
The concept of rationality and the macro-indicators of goal attainment in socio-economic development Sadowski, Zdzistaw
Development theories in the social looking-glass : some reflections from theories to "development" Rist, Gilbert
The big rock candy mountain : a paradigm of the values of the mass-consumption society Valaskakis, Kimon
The Swedish public and nuclear energy : the referendum 1980 Zetterberg, Hans
How to improve our life styles Iribarne, Philippe d'
Alternative ways of life : the Italian case Coen, Anna / Masini, Eleonora
Alternative ways of life in Malaysia : what prospects for the masses? Lim, Teck Ghee
Alternative ways of life in India : pollution of poverty or bane of affluence? Roy, Ramashray
Mathematical paths in the study of human needs University of Bucharest. Romanian Team
Aggregated social indicators and some theoretical requirements University of Bucharest. Romanian Team
Dialectical transformation : a study of "dialogue" as a method for research and development in a rural milieu Haeri, M. Hossein
The hunger problematique and a critique of research George, Susan
Development theories in the social looking-glass : some reflections from theories to "development" Wak, John
Agrarian reform and rural development : a perspective and some theses Galtung, Johan
Global modelling … without models? : theory, methodology, and rhetoric in world modelling Botez, Mihai C. / Celac, Mariana
Global processes and the world in the 1980s : prolegomenon I for a GPID world model Galtung, Johan
Approaching the new international economic order dialectically and transformationally Addo, Herb
World conflict formation processes in the 1980s : prolegomenon III for a GPID world model Galtung, Johan
Kampuchea, Viet Nam, China : observations and reflections Frank, Andre Gunder
An issues paper : contbituted by the Energy Study Group of the Goals, Processes, and Indicators of Development Project, United Nations University Poleszynski, Dag ed.
Food, social cosmology, and mental health : the case of sugar Poleszynski, Dag
Societal change and development hinking : an inventory of issues Friberg, Mats / Hettne, Bjorn / Tamm, Gordon
Experiences with a sequence of development strategies : the case of Romania Welzk, Stefan
Holism and ecology Naess, Arne / Dolci, Danilo
The Rist dialogues Rist, Gilbert and others
Dialogue in the pedagogical praxis of Paulo Freire Escobar, Hilda / Escobar, Miguel
A world-system critique of Freire's philosophy of education : naming the world capitalist reality Addo, Herb
Undesirable versus desirable societies Botez, Mihai C. / Celac, Mariana
Alternative ways of life : an approach from the viewpoint of the reproduction/change theory Mahler, Fred
The upper-class way of life : an alternative for what? Roos, Barbara / Roos, Jeja-Pekka
Prologue : the Eurocentric state of the discipline Addo, Herb
Towards a model of human growth Nudler, Telma
Development of unemployment and manpower policy in the industrialized countries Heinrichs, Jurgen
A first approach to defining basic energy needs Bravo, Victor / Mendoza, Guillermo Gallo / Legisa, Juan / Suarez, Carlos E. / Zyngierman, Isaac
Capital requirements for water heating : solar versus conventional equipment Bravo, Victor / Mendoza, Guillermo Gallo / Legisa, Juan / Suarez, Carlos E. / Zyngierman, Isaac
Major global trends and causal interactions among them Fischer, Dietrich
The transformation in Poland : some points of view Danecki, Jan ed.
Cultural identity, self-reliance, and basic needs Preiswerk, Roy
Basic human needs : the politics of mobilization Healey, Patrick
3.Project on Research and Development Systems in Rural Setting of the UNU Human and Social Development Programme Series
Title Author
Research and development systems in rural settings : background of the project  
Participation of a rural community in the identification of technological problems in Ethiopia : a case study from Welmera Wereda Egziabher, Tewolde Berhan Gebre / Kiros, Fassil Gebre / Kidane, Asmerom / Yemane, Getaneh
Report of the investigation carried out on the Jalisco coast in the pilot stage of the research and Development Systems in Rural Settings Project Szekely, Miguel
Technology generation and the technological space Egziabher, Tewolde Berhan Gebre
4.Project on Sharing of Traditional Technology of the UNU Human and Social Development Programme Series
Title Author
Water management in the village of Kelegama in Sri Lanka Fernando, Sunimal / Gunasekera, Wickrema
Traditional technology : obstacle or resource? : bamboo-cement rain-water collectors and cooking stoves Soedjarwo, Anton
The role of traditional water management in modern paddy cultivation in Sri Lanka Gunasekera, Wickrema
A comparison of the traditional Malay house and the modern housing-estate house Yuan, Lim Jee
Traditional technology, a neglected component of appropriate technology : characteristics and problems : a Malaysian case study Peng, Khor Kok
Construction of trail suspended bridges in Nepal : an application of traditional technology Pradhan, Prachanda
Structure of technology : a model for rural development Norabhooompipat, Thanet
Some traditional Sri Lankan medical techniques related to acupuncture : a study of the Sugathadasa Samararatne Manuscript Devasena, Laxman
The fertilization technology described in historical Japanese farm manuals and that utilized by modern farm huseholds Gakushuin University. Research Institute for Oriental Cultures. STT Project Team
5.Project on Socio-Cultural Development Alternatives in a Changing World of the UNU Human and Social Development Programme Series
Title Author
Intellectual creativity in endogenous culture Kuwabara, Takeo
Socio-cultural creativity in the converging and restructuring process of the new emerging world Alisjahbana, S. Takdir
Identity, modernity, and the claim to know better Dunn, John
The Islamic concept of human equality as an axial principle of societal transformation : its doctrinal roots, cross-cultural permeation, and interface with the Hindu caste system Khan, Rasheeduddin
Tradition et modernit? Barel, Yves / Arbaret, Christiane / Dessau, Jan
Pour une etude de la transformation des structures familiales en milieu urbain Ribes, Bruno
Social aspects of endogenous intellectual creativity : the problem of obstacles-guidelines for research Alatas, S. Hussein
Social aspects of endogenous intellectual creativity Anisuzzaman
Towards a people-centred endogenous intellectual creativity : historical testimony from the Philippines Hollnsteiner, Mary Racelis
Endogenous intellectual creativity and the emerging new international order Lin, Paul T. K.
Major Asian intellectual traditions : their philosophy and creativity Murty, K. Satchidananda
Endogenous intellectual creativity : reflections on some etic and emic paradigms Pandeya, Amar Nath
Social aspects of endogenous intellectual activity : principles of group formation in Japan Sakuta, Keiichi
Endogenous intellectual creativity in the social sciences Ratnam, K. J.
The life and work of Prince Damrong Rajanubhab (1862-1943) as a historical testimony of endogenous Thai intellectual creativity Sivaraksa, Sulak
Way of thinking in traditional philosophy : prospects and limits Yamada, Keiji
The new universalism : the new sociability Pecujlic, Miroslav
The gear-box of priorities : positions Abdel-Malek, Anouar
On the edge of a razor blade : the new historical blocs and socio-cultural alternatives in Europe Pecujlic, Miroslav / Vidakovic, Zoran
Le necessaire et le possible dans la formation du mondial Lefebvre, Henri
Technology and society Tomovic, Rajko
Paradigmes scientifiques et auto-determination humaine Barel, Yves
The collective self-reliance of developing countries in the fields of science and technology Ristic, Slobodan
Science and technology in Japanese history : university and society Kawano, Kenji
On the social transformation of China's minority nationalities Fei, Hsiao-tung
Legal aspects of the transfer of technology in modern society Besarovic, Vesna
Philosophy (concepts) of scientific and technological development Stambuk, Vladimir
Science and the making of contemporary civilization Lopes, J. Leite
La maitrise de la vie : pour quoi faire? Ribes, Bruno
Restructuring a framework for assessment of science and technology as a driving power for social development : a biosociological approach Mori, Yuji
Human aspects of medical sciences, medical technology, and the responsibility of the physician Rakic, Ljubisa
Toward a clearer definition of the role of science and technology in transformation El-Kholy, Osama A.
The technology of repression and repressive technology : the social bearers and cultural consequences Vidakovic, Zoran
Nuclear energy in Latin America : the Brazilian case Rosa, Luiz Pinguelli
La apropiacion y la recuperacion de las ciencias sociales en el contexto de los proyectos culturales endogenos Batalla, Guillermo Bonfil
Endogenous creativity and the new international economic order Le, Thanh Khoi
Science and technology in the history of modern Japan : imitation or endogenous creativity? Nakaoka, Tetsuro
Science and technology as an organic part of contemporary culture Damjanovic, Zvonimir
Joseph Needham's contribution on the history of science and technology in China Blue, Gregory
Science, technology, and politics in a changing world Michelena, Jose A. Silva
Vibrancy, or, the weight of inertia : a testimonial to Haitian creative expression across endogenous or exogenous constraints Dominique, Jean Leopold
Creacion intelectual, estilos alternativos de desarrollo y futuro de la civilizacion industrial Graciarena, Jorge
Cultura urbana y creacion intelectual : el caso mexicano Monsivais, Carlos
Observaciones sobre la historia y la creacion intelectual Le Riverend, Julio
Intellectual and cultural creativity in the English-speaking Caribbean : obstacles and challenges Edmondson, Locksley
Rationality, theory, and experimentation in ayurvedic medicine Obeyeskere, Gananath
Dogmas, esquemas y creacion intelectual Cardoza y Aragon, Luis
Estado, cultura y ciencia en Am?rica latina Kaplan, Marcos
Creatividad cultural y desarrollo dependiente Furtado, Celso
La cultura del hombre de acci?n y la creati?n intelectual Benedetti, Mario
Cultura y dependencia en Am?rica latina : algunos apuntes metodol?gicos e hist?ricos Satos, Theotonio Dos
El colonialismo, la cultura y la creaci?n intelectual Maldonado-Denis, Manuel
Fantasia y creacion artistica en america latina y el caribe Garcia Marquez, Gabriel
Reflexiones sobre la ciencia y la conformacion de la sociedad Lopes, Jose Leite
Endogenous intellectual creativity : the ethos of the composite culture of India Khan, Rasheeduddin
Notas sobre cultura y creacion politica Zemelman, Hugo
Desarrollo de la creacion cultural latinoamericana Zea, Leopoldo
Problemas de la cultura, la clase obrera y los intelectuales Zavaleta, Rene
La cultura popular y la creacion intelectual Stavenhagen, Rodolfo
La imaginacion revolucionaria y la creacion intelectual : el ejemplo de Jose Marti Retamar, Roberto Fernandez
Le defi informationnel dans un monde en metamorphose Roger, Patrick
The concept of specificity : positions Abdel-Malek, Anouar
De la ideologia del progreso a la ideologia del desarrollo Furtado, Celso
From developmentalism to the civilizational quest : a mission for the United Nations University Abdel-Malek, Anouar
Patterns and prospectives of the capitalist world-economy Wallerstein, Immanuel Maurice
Changing patterns of world economy Szentes, Tamas
Crecimiento y cambio industrial en Espa?a, 1960-1980 : viejos y nuevos problemas Garcia Delgado, Jose Luis
Peut-on encore penser la modernite? Barel, Yves
Social values and the development of technology Golebiowski, Janusz Wojciech
L'encadrement du developpement de la science et de la technologie dans la Caraibe Casimir, Jean
Folk religion and spiritual belief in modernizing Japan Yasumaru, Yoshio
Endogenous intellectual creativity and the emerging new international order, with special reference to East Asia : institutional research report Tsurumi, Kazuko
Transforming the "periphery" : a study of the struggle of the social forces in Ghana for democracy and national sovereignty Botchwey, Kwesi
Crisis economica y conflicto social en Espana Duran, Maria Angeles
The state, hegemonic classes, and working-class power : an overview De, Barun
Youth and new ways of life in Iran Tofiq, Zinat
Juventud, desempleo y proceso de socializacion Peris, Jose R. Torregrosa
Changing patterns in world economy and the transition to a new international economic order (with special reference to the Arab world) El-Zaim, Issam
The social context of endogenous intellectual creativity : the dialectics between response to exogenous and autochthonous innovation in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries De, Barun
Investigation of scientific and technological potentialities in tradition and culture of communities for the satisfaction of basic needs (Egyptian case) : a progress report El-Kholy, Osama A.
The renaissance of sciences in Arab and Islamic lands Salam, Abdus