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Vocational Education

Vocational Education in the Industrialization of Japan

Title: Preface
Author: Hayashi, Takeshi
Publisher: United Nations University Press
Published Year: 1987
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This book has been compiled as part of the United Nations University's project Technology Transfer, Transformation, and Development: The Japanese Experience, undertaken by the Institute of Developing Economies. The project was part of the Human and Social Development Programme, one of the three major research activities of the United Nations University at the time of its founding.
Those involved in the project agreed that the subject of technology and development should be approached with an understanding that technology included aspects of the "soft" sciences. The theme "development and education" became significant for this project, which examined the Japanese experience from the viewpoint of development.
At the conferences and seminars conducted by the United Nations University problems regarding education received the keenest interest. As pointed out by the editor of this book, primary and general education in Japan have reached a level sufficient to provide developing countries a model for the establishment of vocational education and an incentive for higher education that provides training and knowledge for capable personnel in the latest advances in science and technology. Thus we chose vocational education rather than general education as the project theme, thereby including on-the-job training and factory schools.
Since the development problems faced by each country are diverse, the case studies in this book provide concrete information corresponding to diversified needs. There have been few previous studies using this approach in Japan.
The editor is a specialist on educational problems in developing nations. The other members of the team were chosen from a wide range of educational scholars and experts in related fields. Owing to a meticulous research plan, the research team conducted field work and completed its interviews in two years. The results were Wagakuni ririkuki no jitsugjo kyoiku [Vocational Education in Meiji Japan] (1982) and Wagakuni sangyoka to jitsugyo kyoiku [Japan's Industrialization and Vocational Education] (1984), both published by the United Nations University. This book is an English translation of the essential parts taken from these two volumes. Some revisions have been made for the benefit of foreign readers.
Maximum support and cooperation were given to this research team by the United Nations University and the Institute of Developing Economies during the research and publication processes. I am particularly indebted to Shigeo Minowa, chief of Academic Services of the United Nations University, without whose efforts the publication of this work would not have been possible. I would like to thank Akiko Akemine, who took charge of the work until publication, and Shoji Itoh. My deep appreciation is also extended to Kyoko Bernard, who served as translator.
Takeshi Hayashi
Project Coordinator