Appendix C




Historical Background of Technology Transfer, Transformation, and Development in Japan -- Takeshi Hayashi
A Selected Bibliography on Socioeconomic Development of Japan, Part I: Circa 1600-1940 -- Hirokazu Tada


Technology of Traditional Industry and the Role of Craftsmen -- Shogo Koyano
The Development of Technology Adapted to Urban Life -- Shogo Koyano
Methodological Introduction to the History of the City of Tokyo -- Hiromichi Ishizuka
Lower Socio-economic Class Urban Society in Tokyo and Housing for the Poor: Up to the Early 1920s* -- Hiromichi Ishizuka
The Early History of the Control of Water-borne Diseases in Tokyo -- Hiromichi Ishizuka
Town Organizations in Prewar Tokyo -- Hachiro Nakamura
The Organization of Town Associations and Their Operational Problems: A Case Study of Prewar Tokyo* -- Hachiro Nakamura
The Origin and Development of Electric Power Supply in Japan* -- Hachiro Nakamura
The Development of Waterworks in Japan -- Nobuhiko Kosuge
The Transmission of Metalsmithing Down through the Generations in Kanazawa and Its Transformation* -- Yoshio Tanaka
The Lower Socio-economic Classes and Mass Riots in a Provincial City -- Tetsuya Hashimoto
The Lower Classes in Prewar Metropolitan Tokyo* -- Kiyoshi Nakagawa
Urbanization and the Real-Estate Business -- Isao Hatate
A History of City Planning Japan* -- Susumu Kurasawa


Development of Local Culture and the Irrigation System of the Azusa Basin -- Akira Tamaki

* Titles marked with an asterisk on this and the following pages have been published only in Japanese and have no English edition.

Irrigation Water Rights Disputes in Japan -- As Seen in the Azusa River System -- Isao Hatate
The Establishing Process of the Ogo and Yamada Canals -- Isao Hatate
Land Improvement Investment and Agricultural Enterprises in Japan -- As Seen in the Azusa River System -- Naraomi Imamura
The Progress of Urbanization and Prospects for Regional Agriculture* -- Naraomi Imamura
Metamorphosis of Economic Accumulation and Social Change* -- Takashi Tomosugi
Reservoirs and Community Formation: Reservoirs as a Cultural Factor* Takashi Tomosugi
Modernization of the Villager's Concept of Money and Land in the Nineteenth Century* -- Takashi Tomosugi
Hokkaido's New Frontier Society and the Development of Agricultural Co-operatives* -- Takashi Tomosugi
Organization of the Irrigation System of the Hata Canal* -- Kenzo Horii
Agricultural Production and Irrigation in Areas Dependent on Reservoirs* -- Keijuro Nagata
Electric Irrigation and Local Society -- Yoshito Jinnouchi
The Development Process of Creek Agriculture in the Saga Plains* -- Hironori Yagi
Rice Cultivation: Development of Collective Production Systems* -- Toshiharu Yazaki


Origin and Development of Iron and Steel Technology in Japan -- Ken'ichi Iida
Skilled Labour and the Development of Steel Technology in Modern Japan* -- Ken'ichi Iida
The Prewar Japanese Steel Industry and Iron Ore Resources in South-East Asia: The Development of Malaysian Ore by the Ishihara Sangyo Company -- Bunji Nagura


Industrialization and Transportatin in Japan -- Hirofumi Yamamoto
Road Transportation in the Age of Railways* -- Hirofumi Yamamoto
The Development of Road Construction Technology in Japan: Part I* -- Ichiro Ishii
The Development of Road Construction Technology in Japan: Part II* -- Ichiro Ishii
Development of River Transportation in Japan* -- Hiromi Masuda
Japan's Industrial Development. Policy and the Construction of the Nobiru Port: The Case Study of Failure -- Hiromi Masuda
Japan's Discovery, Import, and Technical Mastery of Railways -- Katsumasa Harada
Technological Independence and Progress of Standardization in the Japanese Railways -- Katsumasa Harada Railway Construction as Viewed from Local Society -- Eiichi Aoki
Light Railway Development -- Networks and Rolling Stock* -- Eiichi Aoki
The Development of Railways in Japan's Big Cities* -- Eiichi Aoki


Technology Transfer in the Japanese Cotton Industry* - Takeo Izumi
Transformation and Development of Technology in the Japanese Cotton Industry -- Takeo Izumi
The Diffusion of New Technologies in the Japanese Sericulture Industry: Study on the Experience of Hybrid Silkworms -- Yukihiko Kiyokawa
The Growth of Cotton-Spinning Firms and Vertical Integration -- Shin'ichi Yonekawa


History of the Glass Industry in the Early Meiji Era* -- Shigeo Kikuura
Development of the Button-Making Industry* -- Kyozo Takechi
The Evolution and Structure of the Clock-Making Industry in Japan* -- Kyozo Takechi
Agro-industrialization of Urban-based Small Industries -- Jozen Takeuchi
The Formation of the Bicycle Industry -- Jozen Takeuchi
The Development of the Eyeglass Industry in Japan -- Tatsuzo Ueda
The Development of the Bicycle Industry Industry in Japan after World War II -- Tatsuzo Ueda


Modes of Traditional, Mining Techniques -- Junnosuke Sasaki
Endogenous Technology and Society in Japan -- Junnosuke Sasaki
How Japan's Metal Mining Industries Modernized -- Fumio Yoshiki
Technology and Labour in Japanese Coal Mining -- Nisaburo Murakushi
The Transfer of Coal-Mining Technology from Japan to Manchuria and Manpower Problems -- Nisaburo Murakushi
Transfer and Development of Coal-Mine Technology in Hokkaido -- Yutaka Kasuga


The Emergence of Private Pawn Shops -- Ryuichi Shibuya
The Public Pawn Shop System: Introduction and Development* -- Ryuichi Shibuya
Specie Held Abroad under the Gold Standard System* -- Toshihiko Saito
Foreign Exchange Banks in Japan and How They Developed* -- Toshihiko Saito
Development and Function of Co-operative Financing Associations in Korea* -- Shoichi Namigata
Japan's Mutual Loan Business and How It Changed* -- Shoichi Asajima
Development of Post Office Savings Schemes* -- Yurio Mukae


Ownership and Management of Family Business -- Shigeaki Yasuoka
Introduction to a History of Industrial Associations in Modern Japan* -- Teiichiro Fujita
The Formation of Company Law in Japan* -- Ichiro Kobashi
Traditional and Transplanted Technology in Japan's Traditional Clothing Industry* -- Masahiro Iwashita
Zaibatsu Management and the Christian Social Worker: Part I* -- Makoto Seoka
Zaibatsu Management and the Christian Social Worker: Part II* -- Makoto Seoka
The Formation of Labour Control in the Early Meiji Cotton Mills* -- Akiko Chimoto


The Negative Effects of Technology in Japan's Modernization Process -- Jun Ui
History of Technological and Administrative Development in the Ashio Copper Mine -- Yoshoro Hoshino
Mining Pollution: The Case of the Ashio Copper Mine* -- Kichiro Shoji
Mining Pollution in the Ashio Copper Mine* -- Nobuko Iijima
The Development Process of Mining Pollution at the Ashio Copper Mine -- Masuro Sugai


Large-Scale Transplanted Industries and Traditional Industries: A Comparison* -- Yukio Cho
Ideology of Small Enterprise Management* -- Hideichiro Nakamura


The General Trading Companies: A Comparative and Historical Study -- Shin'ichi Yonekawa


Transformation of Japan's Eating Habits* -- Tsutomu Otsuka
The Modernization of the Milling and Seed-Oil Industry in Japan* -- Yoshifumi Sasama
The Establishment of the Western Clothing Industry in Japan* -- Shozo Nakagome


Farmer Education: A Personal Experience -- Ken Namie
Development of Hokkaido and Technology Transfer* -- Kiyohide Seki, Toru Taniuchi, Man'emon Takahashi
Metal Processing in Industrial Towns: The Experience of Tsubame and Sanjo* -- edited by Shoji Ikeda